Axence nVision will help you comply with GDPR requirements

How will GDPR affect your company?

  • GDPR affects all companies which collect and use the data of natural persons – both large corporations and small enterprises
  • Due to the enforcement of GDPR, a company which is a data administrator must pay more attention to data security within their organization
  • The company is obliged to implement the necessary technical (e.g. IT tools) and organizational tools (e.g. procedures) to guarantee that data are processed in compliance with the regulation, in particular in the scope of security, and must be able to prove it
  • Complying with GDPR security requirements forces the company to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data; therefore, data must be protected against leaks, destruction, accidental loss or unauthorized access
  • In order to guarantee data confidentiality, integrity and availability, data access control mechanisms (technical or organizational means) must be implemented.
  • The administrator must know who can access personal data and how long these will be processed.
  • Along with the security issues, the need to fulfill the various requests of the persons whose data are being processed is an important requirement.
  • The administrator shall guarantee each person, whose data are at their disposal, the right to acquire, transfer, correct or remove the data and the right to “become forgotten”.
  • Each company is obliged to implement suitable technical protection measures and suitable organizational means to immediately identify any personal data violation and rapidly inform the supervising body and the person involved.

How can Axence nVision® help you to meet the GDPR requirements?

Axence nVision® was developed to assist you in the management of your network infrastructure and take care
of the security of your data. The answer to GDPR requirements are the DATAGUARD module and selected functions
of USERS module. The remaining modules will also help to satisfy the GDPR-related requirements.
Axence nVision® will help you comply with GDPR requirements in the following areas:

  • Checking potentially dangerous software and applications
  • Secure data storage
  • Limiting the risk of personal data leaks by controlling data media access – detecting their connection and blocking them
  • Blocking unauthorized websites and dangerous processes
  • Protection of data against access by unauthorized users.
  • The ability to define the policy for transferring corporate data by the employees with relevant authorization.
  • Alarms in the case of undesirable and potentially dangerous user actions, e.g. connection of USB data media
  • Option to notify employees about new data security threats
  • The product is designed and developed with the latest IT security know-how in mind
  • Monitoring all data file operations – auditing of the file creation, deletion and copying
  • Monitoring, which allows supervision over users’ logging in to machines
  • Full file access audit allows the administrator to quickly verify and diagnose potential incidents (gathering evidence with the identification of the person responsible for the violation).
  • The Helpdesk module features will help you to conduct an educational policy within the company and allow the users to report dangerous behaviors on workstations
  • Printing audits
  • Audit (history) of connecting and operations on portable devices and network devices
  • Axence nVision® does not collect sensitive data.
  • It enables the management of access rights (writing, executing, reading) for devices, computers and users.
  • Personal data and monitoring data can be accessed only by the specified administrators within the organization.
  • It is possible to assign specific rights to selected users.
  • The HelpDesk module can be used to report incidents to the IT department (or the respective specified person, e.g. ABI).

Better corporate data protection with Axence nVision - Get Ready for GDRP

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